Artificial Intelligence Plays a Vital Role in Data Protection

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is considered to be the future of the tech industry. Experts believe that AI has the power to transform every industry including healthcare, insurance, space investigation and so on. Please keep reading to understand how AI will play a vital role in Data Protection and Cybersecurity.

End Point Data Protection

With the increased use of mobile phones and laptops to access data, organizations are looking to advanced security measures to protect their sensitive data from hackers and adversaries. 

Endpoint data protection is an advanced approach from the traditional antivirus systems. With endpoint protection, every device that connects to the company network to access data needs to follow certain compliance standards.

Latest Endpoint Security tools make use of AI for enhanced threat detection, device management and so on. With AI on board, endpoint data protection is taken to the next level. 

AI can assist in identifying and analyzing threat actors and block them immediately. With extensive behavioral analysis done in the background, data leak protection (DLP) and threat identification are very effective. 

Protection Against Phishing and Social Engineering Attacks

AI-enabled data security systems will help in tracking and identifying malicious attachments and links in email messages. AI tools help IT administrators in conducting background checks on the email sender for blacklisting and other issues. 

AI systems also detect email content for relevancy to previous phishing attacks. Email messages are subjected to extreme scanning for malicious content, irregularity in message headers, etc.

Data Protection from Malware/Ransomware

When Artificial Intelligence (AI) is combined with Machine Learning (ML), data protection is taken to the next level. AI and ML-enabled systems can help in analyzing huge data chunks to create data patterns. 

It can also largely help in providing counter-attack strategies by decoding pattern deviation and alert immediately. Enterprises are making use of AI/ML tools and utilities to create data workflows to help them respond to any issue quickly. 

One of the major advantages of using AI is that it provides IT administrators and data security professionals with real-time analysis and 24×7 monitoring of data. Therefore, AI-enabled data security systems will play a vital role in protecting sensitive data from ransomware, malware and APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats).


Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled data security systems are slowly gaining impetus. Even though the use of AI raises many questions on the privacy of your data, it still comes with a lot of benefits. Many research and studies are being conducted in this sector to provide a failproof data security system using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

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