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Are you an HR Manager struggling to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the workplace? Do you spend more time on paperwork than on strategic initiatives? Deuglo is a Solution for all your HR needs, helping you build a quality workforce and raise your organization’s standards. Schedule a meeting with our Leading HR Consultancy in Noida, UP: +91 8811838912 or info@deuglo.com

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Tired of HR Headaches?
Focus on core business while Deuglo handles your HR needs.

Deuglo’s HR Solutions:

Training & Development:

Upskill your workforce and let them know their full potential.


IT Consultants:

Expert tech talent solutions to keep your organization ahead of the trend.


We find the perfect talent to fuel your business growth.

HR Consulting:

Get the guidance you need to make informed HR decisions.

Why Choose Deuglo?

Experience: Our team of the best HR professionals helps businesses of all sizes achieve their HR goals.

Approach: We learn about your unique business needs and develop custom HR strategies to get real results.

Flexibility: Deuglo adapts and scales with you, and provides the support you need at every stage.

HR Company in Noida, UP- Deuglo

Did you Know?

45% of employees report feeling unprepared for their current roles due to a lack of training and development opportunities.

Training & Development: 

Benefit: Deuglo’s Training & Development programs help you bridge this skills gap and improve employee engagement.

A STAT you should know

The average time to fill a job opening is 27.8 days

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Deuglo’s RPO expertise can help you reduce hiring times by up to 50%, allowing you to bring top talent on board faster.

Interesting Thing

The global talent shortage for IT skills is expected to reach 85.3 million by 2030

IT Consultants:

Deuglo’s IT Consultant solutions can help you secure the critical tech talent you need to stay competitive

Deuglo HR FAQs: Quick Answers

Q: Won't training be expensive?

A: Not compared to turnover costs. Investing in people pays off.

Q: How fast can RPO fill my openings?

A: Think weeks, not months. Get a jump on the competition.

Q: Where do you find these IT unicorns?

A: We have a network & know where to look. Focus on your core business.

Q: Can Deuglo handle all my HR needs?

A: You got it. Consider us your one-stop HR shop.

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