How does Banking System benefit from AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is truly making the world rich with machine learning and the various advantages that it inculcates, from detection to the solution of every financial or political, or technological issue but have you realized the immense role it has played in the banking system? Oh yeah here is how AI has revolutionized the banking system by transforming the way banks operate, manage risk, and deal with their customers efficiently.

Although the current level of sophistication has not reached the level of Technological singularity AI growth surpasses human technologies. AI has affected various areas of banking let’s see how in a very detailed analysis: 

Customer service:

24*7 working nom stop efficiently and Customer-friendly services like bot have made the financial world a better place by providing routine inquiries and other advice if required freeing up human labor to handle this complexity. To understand customer queries and provide accurate responses in real-time AI uses NLP (Natural Language Processing). 

Threat detection:

Big-data-enhanced fraud prevention has already made a significant impact on credit card processes, and in areas such as loan underwriting.AI helps solve some of the world’s most enduring problems like Threat detection and keeping a continuous check on the customer’s account to analyze customer behavior, preferences, and transaction history to identify patterns, trends, and correlations to mitigate any malicious activities. Biometric authentication, voice recognition, and behavior analysis to verify customer identities and provide a secure banking experience is one of the best testimonials of AI in the banking system.

Robotic Process Automation:

AI-based automation technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), are being adopted by banks to streamline and automate manual and repetitive tasks. RPA bots can perform data entry, document verification, and account reconciliation, and reduces the need for manual intervention, for example, JPMorgan Chase’s CoiN technology reviews documents and derives data from them much faster than humans can. Many financial companies are offering robo-advisers to help their customers with portfolio management. 

Managing risks:

AI helps banks to process large data and evaluate market trends and further suggests the customer’s best time to invest in stock and buy bonds. Robo-advisers can provide high-quality guidance on investment decisions and be available whenever the customer needs their assistance. AI has made trading and investments convenient for customers. 

Customer experience:

AI technology reduces the time taken to record Know Your Customer (KYC) information and mitigates errors or other related complexities. Within the comfort of your house, you can open a bank account or change the pin code whenever you want so and this is the gift of AI, that has increased the level of convenience for users, without facing the manual hustle of going to the bank and getting loan approved one can do so conveniently with their smartphones.

AI provides personalized solutions and opinions for the customers which requires potential information about them which further creates some of the challenges related to AI in Banking systems like: 

Data security:

Data collected nowadays are very sensitive and keeping them secure is one of the daunting tasks for today’s technology-driven world. Any customer while providing even the basic information must be aware of all the authentications and certifications.AI offers various security options to avoid any violations.

Unaware customers or technologically poor clients:

Not everyone understands the technology at once and the sole purpose of any bank must be to accept this fact and spread awareness about how to use current technology introduced. 

Customers mistrust:

AI bias is one of the most challenging issues when using AI in financial services for example bias associated with algorithms or data. Banks must be mindful of customer’s trust when using AI tools like Chatbots if they make mistakes. So eventually it all depends on the way the systems are programmed. 

AI is of huge benefit to the world as it brings precision and accuracy along with increased productivity and makes the world richer and almost free from financial threats by being capable of providing investment decisions. Including algorithmic accountability in AI systems will manage the bias in the decision-making process in the banking system and make customers much more satisfied. 

Although while using the services and availing of the benefits one must always check and read all the security-related points and pages. AI is aimed to make the world a better place full of opportunities and mind-blowing financial services.

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