Which is the Best technology / Platform for Mobile App Development?

When it comes to best platform for mobile app development, one of the biggest confusions some people have is about which platform/technology to use for the development. Whether you go with Native, Hybrid, or Cross-platform. 

Let’s dig deeper to discuss the pros and cons of each of these platforms and technologies. While each platform come with their own set of pros and cons, a professional mobile development company can point you in the right direction.

Native App Development

If you the time and money to build a great app, then you should go with a native. There is no doubt about that. While an investment with native app development can prove costly, it is a future-proof investment. Apps developed in native are extremely lightweight, quick, and user-friendly as well. 

If you are looking to give your customers an amazing experience, you should opt for native app development. One of the significant advantages of going native is that you get total control of your application and add new features on top of it quite easily.

Hybrid App Development

It is not like that every app needs to be developed in native to showcase your products or business in a mobile app. If you are looking to build an app quickly and want to take it to the market in a quick time, then you can opt for hybrid app development. When it comes to hybrid app development, it is generally a blend of both web and native development. 

Developers can use HTML and CSS with Apache Cordova or Ionic Capacitor plugin to gain access to the native features. When compared to native app development, hybrid apps are cost-effective and quick to launch. But the problem with hybrid app development is that you can’t gain complete control over the app like native apps. 

If you feel that UX and performance is only secondary and getting the app quicker to the market is primary, then you should go for hybrid app development.

Cross-Platform Development

There is a misconception among many that hybrid and cross-platform app development is the same. No, it is wrong. Both are different, But both hybrid and cross-platform share one similarity. Yes, you can write code once and reuse it multiple times in both. A native rendering engine is used in cross-platform app development. 

Using bridges, the engine helps to access native features and develop an app with features like a native app. Cross-platform development is also quite simple and cost-effective. When it comes to performance, you cannot expect the level of performance like a native app. Adding new features or customizing the existing features will also prove to be difficult. Know more.


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