Top Data Science Companies in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

  • Data science is a multi-pronged career grounded upon structured and vague data. Every business that wants to rise has to move its hands towards data science; as it converts the raw and indistinct data into a meaningful one and turns out to be beneficial for much better marketing and analyzing the market scenario. By 2022, Data Science will become one of the most popular jobs in India. IBM predicts that the demand for data science will increase in the next 4-5 years thereby the global demand for data scientists will increase by 150-200%. Studies say that after the US, India leads as the largest data analysis center.

  • As we viewed the facts about the rise in data science, the topic that goes off with a bang on one’s head is about the leading Data Science Companies. Let’s discuss the top leading Data Science Companies in Bangalore as we are aware of the fact that Bangalore is known as the Centre of India’s High-Tech industry.

  • Among the top Data Science Companies of BangaloreDeuglo” is considered one of the leading and the chief ones. They have an approach to impressively delivering their Data Science Services. Before getting into the process, Deuglo tries to reach the roots of your business, more clearly speaking it brainstorm and try to know the issues faced before providing the solutions to the client. After getting into a detailed scenario. The company always comes up with a varied range of approaches as Prescriptive approach, Descriptive approach, Diagnostic approach, and Predictive approach.

  • Based on the methodology discussed above, the selected approach leads to data collection; The company segregates the data being obtained in a vague format and continues collection more of it as per the requirement. Understanding data and subsequently giving the best and convenient insights are what Deuglo does. The preparation of data is considered the chief aspect of data science.

  • They provide modeling to preview the final data preparation that is being done in the whole process. So is to check and make it better or modify it beforehand. As Deuglo meets the business requirements by the process of modeling and evaluation they pass the final model through the deployment phase to check its durability in the outside environment. Summing to the process they do the feedback process to access the performance and to measure the effectiveness as well as to refine it.

  • Including its best approaches and process of working in data science Development projects and services, Deuglo provides AI Services, Mobile App Development and Design, Software and Website Designing. Making it is best among all the Data Science Companies in Bangalore.
  • Other than Deuglo, some other companies joining the list are 

Data Science Companies in Bangalore, India

  1. Equifax promises to provide great flexibility and helps to make better financial decisions. 
  2. Gramener is considered a Design-led Data Science company that uses Automated Analysis and Visual intelligence and leads by winning various awards. 
  3. Fractal Analytics has a renowned name as an artificial intelligence company in Bangalore.