Why a Custom Mobile App Development is Good for Your Business than Off-The-Shelf Products?

Smartphone penetration has been in the meteoric rise for the past decades across the globe. In this digital era, people are becoming highly reliant on smartphones and mobile apps to complete most of their financial transactions, online food ordering, shopping, buy/sell houses, online education, etc. 

According to a report released by Statista, in 2019 alone, the total number of mobile apps downloaded stands at 204 billion. Hence, every business is looking to launch a custom developed a mobile app that showcases its products and values in a better way.

Why Off the Shelf Apps is not suitable for your business?

While these off-the-shelf apps are pre-developed and are available for use at any time, they come with many limitations. While the apps may seem highly cost-effective, attractive and allow you to get off the ground quickly, most of the time, they won’t satisfy your requirements completely. 

Mostly these apps are developed with a generic mindset, and hence most of the features are not covered completely. In other words, while it may seem to have covered the bases when you take a closer look, you can see that some are missing, and some are incomplete. 

Why Most Businesses Prefer Custom Mobile App Development?

Custom mobile application development provides space to implement functionalities that suit your business needs and requirements completely. Know more about our Custom Mobile Application Development Company in Bangalore. Let’s look at why you need to choose custom mobile app development:

Expert Team

When you choose to partner with a mobile development company, it means that you are working with an expert team having huge experience in developing mobile applications and launched various apps across many sectors. 

A professional team can completely understand your requirements and recommend changes needed to take your app to the next level. 

Meets All Your Business Requirements

Custom developments of your mobile applications can primarily help in meeting all your business requirements. While off-the-shelf apps come with a limited amount of customization, with apps developed from scratch, you can include everything you look for in your app. These apps are totally built based on the functionalities you prefer and applicable to your business only. 

Highly Scalable

Another significant advantage of going for custom mobile app developments is that they are scalable. This ensures that the application can be scaled up by adding more and more features as your business expands. The ever-changing demands and needs of the industry and your business can be incorporated easily. 


Custom mobile app development ensures that your application is highly compatible with major platforms like iOS and Android. It helps in addressing the needs of various kind of users of the app. 

Data Security

Companies around the world are spending a huge sum of money on data privacy and security. One of the major reasons that businesses opt for custom mobile application development is to provide enhanced security and protection to critical data assets. 

When you opt for custom mobile development, you can ensure that additional layers of security to provide to certain functionalities and different types of users according to your requirements.

App Support

Another main advantage of choosing a custom mobile development company to work on your business app is that they provide excellent support services. At Deuglo, we offer technical support for a certain time even after the app is launched. Know more benefits of Custom Mobile App Development.