Artificial intelligence for SMEs has revolutionized the market and is a natural ally for small businesses since it offers significant savings and numerous competitive advantages.

And the smart thing is to have it for your business! Integration of AI solutions to your startup or SME is a way to reach the moon with ease, within a short period with small money!

But before we explore the options that artificial intelligence offers for small businesses, let’s stop for a second to analyze the basics.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Broadly speaking, this technology is based on computer systems that use information to carry out “human” activities such as solving problems, learning, and other issues that must be solved through intelligence. This article from is a good introduction to this topic and also presents some of its most interesting applications.

How can AI help me?

In many ways! AI helps you improve your sales and marketing activities, thanks to trend analysis, customer feedback, and much more, which will allow you to better segment your marketing campaigns.  

On the other hand, you can optimize the customer experience, either through chat robots (which are marking a before and after in customer service), minimizing human errors or solving incidents more quickly. In addition to all this, AI allows you to make better business decisions, thanks to financial analysis, and streamline internal processes, from payroll to various administrative tasks. And if you sell online, this technology can also help you improve results through smart recommendations for online stores.

Is there artificial intelligence for SMEs?

Indeed, there are AI solutions specifically for small and medium-sized companies, with specific and useful functions such as the following:

  • Potential customer prioritization 
  • Call scheduling 
  • Audience segmentation 
  • Management of customer inquiries and complaints 
  • Up-sell and cross-sell 
  • Email marketing


In conclusion, artificial intelligence brings together a multitude of automation and optimization functions, and is both enormously profitable, making it particularly valuable for small businesses.

Our AI solution optimizes this technology so that SMEs can get the most out of it, making it an excellent option to adopt this innovation. 

Deuglo AI solution helps you find more customers, close commercial agreements with them and keep them satisfied so that your SME can grow faster than ever. 

Deuglo Infosystem Private Limited in Bangalore, Karnataka, India tech company that can speed up the growth of your small scale enterprises or startups with the integration of AI solutions. You can connect with us about how we can use AI technology to drive your small and medium-scale businesses or startups.


Frequently asked questions about artificial intelligence for SMEs

Is AI expensive?

The price depends on the exact needs of each business, but you can choose the solution that best suits your requirements. When you value ROI and the benefits it brings to a business, AI pays off tremendously.


Does AI save time?

Yes, with an AI solution you will save time and money, since you will be able to eliminate a multitude of small tasks and manual and tedious activities, so your employees can focus on other more productive tasks.


Is AI easy to use in small businesses?

Once the integration with existing solutions is complete, AI is very easy to use.

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