How to improve Alexa ranking of Website

The important thing of improving Alexa Ranking for your website

Before diving into this topic we should know about What is Alexa


What is Alexa?

Alexa is an Amazon Product. It will give the Alexa ranking for a website, according to website performance.

If we have more traffic to the website, Automatically website Alexa rank improves.

More Traffic = Alexa Rank increase


The important thing of improving Alexa Ranking for your website


Quality Content

Content plays a key role in ranking. We are writing content for our customers so it should understandable and easy. Quality content will take your ranking to the next level on google search results.


Install the Alexa toolbar

Install Alexa toolbar to know about website Alexa ranking


Choose quality keywords

Keywords matter here. We should find the best keywords for our business while doing keyword research. Then only we can get more traffic to the website


Content marketing

Content marketing is a good technique to increase Alexa ranking. Whatever content we are writing for our customers, we do market that content, then only it will reach more people.

Reaching more people = getting more traffic


Social sharing

Share content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Medium, Instagram, Linkedin, youtube (if it is video), etc..


Analyze your website

Analyze website to find an error on a website if you are finding any issues fix it.


Check website analytics

Check Website analytics to know about your traffic, about customers, demographics, behavior, through analytics we will everything about our customers. Focus on customers, what they are looking for and try to provide exact info about product/services.


What factors does Alexa measure for ranking



In simple words,

Write content for your customers. Content should be easy to read and understand.


Quality backlinks

Work on quality backlinks. Submit your website to high DA(Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).


Traffic to your website

More traffic to your site = Increasing Alexa ranking


Keywords matters 


Find keywords that are relevant to your product/service.

I recommend Google keyword planner, Google trends, Keywords everywhere, Google suggestions, Google Search Console.