Factors to Consider While Choosing a Mobile App Development Platform/ Technology

When it comes to choosing a development platform, you need to consider various factors outlined below. If you have any trouble finalizing, you can always discuss it with your development partner to come up with the right solution.


If performance is your prime requirement with your mobile app, then you should go the native way. With native app development, you can get complete control over your app, and hence you can get the maximum performance from it. 

Using native development, developers can easily use advanced native features like memory management, security, USB input, and networking, etc. One of the biggest advantages of using a native app is that when the operating system gets updated, the UI will also automatically update.

When compared to native, hybrid app development comes with limited access to the core features of the OS. Even though cross-platform helps you get features close to native, nothing can beat native development when it comes to performance.  


The next thing you need to consider while choosing a mobile app development platform is the app’s budget. It is extremely crucial to include the budget factor in choosing the platform as it plays a huge role. 

If you only have a limited budget, then native development is out of the question. You need to go with hybrid app development.

Time to Market

The time to market is another big factor that you need to consider while choosing a mobile app development platform. With native, it takes twice the development time when compared to hybrid app development. 

Hence, if you time on your side, then you should go with native development. In case you have a very short time to get the app to the market, then hybrid app development is the only way. 


The success of any mobile app is entirely based on its user retention rate. If you can retain a user for a specific amount of time in your app, it literally means that the user is impressed with its features and UI/UX. 

Hence, while choosing a mobile app development platform, consider whether UI/UX plays an important role in your mobile app. If the answer is yes, then you need to go with native app development. Native gives you complete control over the core features of the OS to build a user-friendly UI/UX.


If you are looking for excellent functionality and features in your mobile app, then the best way to move forward is the native app development method. With native, you can access every other phone functionality, including its camera, network, navigation, etc. But hybrid development cannot provide that level of customization. Know more about Mobile App Development Technology.


Hope the above article provided you with all the details you were looking for about the factors to consider while choosing a mobile app development platform. Please post your comments in the feedback section. If you have any requirements for a mobile app development company in Bangalore, you can always email us at info@deuglo.com