Mobile App Requirements Specification Document

A Software Requirements Specification document is the foundation for any software development. It outlines the requirements and functionality of the software that needs to be developed to satisfy the client’s needs.

A typical requirements document will have the purpose of the software to be developed, and the overall requirement, along with all the specific requirements needed. Similarly, a mobile app requirement document is the basis of any mobile application development. 

Why Do You Need a Requirements Document?

Well, that’s a good question! Let’s imagine you are looking to stitch a new suit for yourself. If you want a ready-made one, you can just visit a store, choose a color/brand and you are ready to wear your favorite shirt. 

But do you think that all ready-made shirt will have all the features you were looking for? That is why you need a tailor-made shirt that suits your taste. Hence you go for a shirt that is specially stitched according to your requirements. 

But how will the tailor know your requirements unless you tell him? Yes, that is what is exactly the mobile app requirements document. 

How to Prepare a Mobile App Requirements Document?

A mobile app requirements document needs to contain the following elements for the successful development and launch of the app. The elements are described in detail below:

Guide to Prepare Mobile App Requirements Specification Document


The purpose will explain the basic idea behind building the mobile app. It will help understand the idea instantly without even going through the detailed description below.

Targeted Audience

Clearly state the targeted audience for whom the app is built for. If you are building an app to promote pet food, then you need to say the audience is pet lovers and pet owners.


List all the features required in the mobile app in detail. This will help the development team to develop the app according to your requirements. 

Navigation Pattern

If you have a specification navigation pattern in mind, then you can outline it in the requirements specification document. This will help understand the developer to understand the exact flow that is required from the mobile application. If needed, you can create a flow diagram to describe the exact flow needed in the app.

Avoid Irrelevant Details

When preparing a requirements document, try to concentrate only on the relevant details required for the app. Avoid all irrelevant or details that don’t relate with the functionality like button color etc. The development team will take care of the design, coloring, etc. But if you need a specific color theme for your app, you can specify it.


The more the details you provide will help the development team to understand your requirements completely. Hence, if needed, you can create wireframes of the specific screens you require. You can use any wireframes tool or just have handwritten sketches drawn and scanned. Wireframes provide a visual representation of the application and will help the team understand your needs clearly.


Hope the above article provided you with all the details you were looking for about how to prepare a mobile app requirements document. Please post your comments and suggestions in the feedback section provided below. If you have any requirements for mobile application development in Bangalore, you can always write to us at Stay Safe!!!