How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for SEO?

Facebook SEO

Facebook is one of the Best Social Media Platform for brand promotion and brand awareness. Here we can promote our products/services easily with free of cost. So we must Optimize the Business page for Brand Awareness, Reach, Better Engagement, and Facebook Page SEO Optimization.

Yes, Facebook is free for promoting products and services. Your Facebook page serves as a micro-website for your business.

It’s very important to optimize your Social media  (Facebook Page SEO and Instagram Page for SEO). at the same time, It’s also very important to keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methodologies in your mind while developing and optimizing your Facebook and Instagram pages. Know more about our Social Media Marketing Services in Bangalore.

Let’s dive into the topic

Facebook SEO: How to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for SEO?

1. Creating Your Facebook Page

when creating a Facebook page for business, it’s important to choose the correct name for a Facebook page.

You can choose from the below options;

  • Local Business or Place:
  • Company/organization
  • Brand or Product
  • Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

2. According to your business (Product / Service)

If you are doing business with only one location, we can add only one location.

if you are doing business in multiple locations, we can add all the locations under the main page

once you get access you can fill in all the details such as

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Username
  • Category
  • Website address
  • Email
  • About

Information should be correct about your business (product /services)

3. Keep Business Operating Hours Accurate

4. Custom Username: We can change according to our requirements

Having a username with your business name (or short, user-friendly URL) for your page. it’s good to find your Facebook business page easily when the Facebook page has a unique username.


5. Things to keep in mind while creating a username:

  1. User name should be short and unique
  2. Do not use any special characteristics (-, &, %)
  3. Usernames should be a maximum of 50 characters.


Facebook is giving some features here

  1. Cover page for the Facebook page (here we can say about business product/service)
  2. Profile image 
  3. Call to Action Button (call, text, WhatsApp, app)
  4. Website 
  5. Working hours
  6. Events
  7. Job posting
  8. offers

If you wanna add all the above things to your Facebook page 

Go Facebook page – Go to about – here we can update 

  • Category
  • Name
  • User name
  • Working hours
  • Business details
  • email
  • phone number
  • website
  • about


Facebook SEO Optimization Tips:

1. Get the Best Facebook Page Name

Choose the Facebook page name for your business. you should choose the name which is representing your business.

2. Create a custom Facebook page URL 

 Facebook allows us to choose your vanity URL. this is a user name so it should be very easy to find and remember. A good URL makes it easy for customers to find a page on Facebook which improves brand awareness on Facebook. 

3. Claim Your Vanity URL

Here we can include our brand name in the URL so that customers can find us easily by brand name.

4. Place Keywords in Strategic Locations

Include keywords about your business strategically in the about page section

5. Update your business information

 If you wanna add all the above things to your Facebook page 

Go Facebook page – Go to about – here we can update 

6. Produce and Share Superb Content

  Keep posting and keep sharing your business posts on other groups ( which is related to your business).

7. Let your customers engage with your business page

  • Post info-graphics
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Events
  • Live videos

8. Reputation Management

Ask your customer reviews


The primary objective of the Facebook page takes your brand to market and customers. So Optimize your page for Facebook SEO by following the above steps. It is essential to keep your business page updates for your audience to attract the audience that you want. Following the guidelines above will help your business page to grow successful in meeting your business goals.