Importance Of Mobile Applications

The exponential growth and usage of smartphones has encouraged the development of varied mobile applications for the ease of users. The mobile applications have provided a human fraternity a medium of getting things accomplished at the comfort of home with better accessibility and speed.

The technology of mobile applications has touched every aspect of human life and has become a part of people’s daily routine. The availability of numerous applications is leveraged by people for securing the information, connecting people, ordering products, video calling, etc as per their interest and requirement. Described are some of the areas where people widely use mobile applications for their benefit.

News & Current Affairs

There is no dearth of information online and news applications like Google, ET News, BBC serve as a source of information right from current affairs to stock market, weather updates to business ventures, political stands to sports. 


Applications like Facebook, Google Duo, Instagram, etc; have changed the dynamics of communication. Video calling has become a new trend that has surpassed the requirement of the physical presence of a person. The world has become so small, and usage of these applications has triggered the era of communication through a click irrespective of your geographical location.

Food Ordering & Delivery

Swiggy & Zomato has changed the thought process of ordering food. The service of getting food 24×7 of your choice is matchless. The delivery of food at almost any location within stipulated timelines has addressed the delivery issues for people in far-off locations.

Taxi Service

Uber, Ola, Meru cabs to name a few are the application-based taxi services providing means of transport to people as per their requirement at any time and at any location without going through the stress of arranging through non-application-based taxi services.


An entry of education-based applications has revolutionised the scope and methodology of learning. Byju, Whitehat Jr, Vedantu are some of the ed-tech companies that have been able to cater to specific demands of their customers through interactive sessions. 


Shopping through applications has been a trend changer and diluted the concept of touch and feel of a product. People are now ready to experiment and shop through applications and enjoy the offered product and services. Be it essential items, clothes, bags people have certainly climbed one step ahead and gracefully accepted the culture of online shopping. 


Live streaming and updates through sports applications has enabled a new dimension to the sports arena. A good internet connectivity let you view and get updates on sports of your choice seamlessly.

While there is an exhaustive list of mobile applications which are being used by people to cater their day-to-day needs; there is another side to it as well. Everything has pros and cons. Data leakage, cyber-crimes, financial frauds, and identity theft are a few drawbacks associated with mobile applications. One must be judicious and wise enough to use the mobile applications to their advantage by following all the regulatory guidelines of using cyberspace.