It is that time of the year when we look through the latest Graphic Design trends for 2022 and get to know how the creative space is doing in the entire world, where design is going and what technology is affecting it.

If we define trends, they are movements in design that have attained extensive enough usage that they can be recognized as a trend. They don’t need to be up-to-the-minute, just some things that haven’t been performed earlier.

We’d recommend everyone to use trends to stay motivated. You can either act by them or act against them but knowing what is trending is evaluative to apprising your work as well as your clients.


Top Graphic Design Trends for 2022 overview:

  1. 3D Realism
  2. Monochromatic
  3. Anti-Design
  4. Trippy Type
  5. The Metaverse
  6. Kinetic Typography
  7. Serif Typefaces
  8. Modular Geo


Now, let’s examine all these design trends one by one!



The coolest of all and the trendiest one is 3D Realism. We know since the previous year how the 3D Illustration Trends 2022 will be ramping up and people are going to be using it. Lo and behold we’ve observed that almost every tech company is doing 3D work in some or the other form either in their branding or their web design.

3D is very important not only because it gives a sense of depth but because we’re moving into an age of augmented and virtual reality. 3D Realism is where we work on 3D but with the advancement in hyperrealism to make it look identical to the real one. Impossible things are happening!

The graphic design trends for 2022 predictions says that this trend will be adaptive by all formats from illustrations to typography.




Probably predicted to be one of the graphic design colour trends 2022, Monochromatic Design. Pure colour monochromatic means one colour in different shades, which implies that design is getting even simpler. Design branding plays an important role when we talk about brand recognition and prestige people around you in what way if the industry it’s it.

Monochromatic design is trending because it is easy on the eyes and looks contemporary.

Studies also suggest that the single-colour view eliminated the discontinuities induced by the variation in colour and allowed the participants to attend to the overall form instead of the individual components (Damle, 2010).




The third design trend that probably few of the people have not heard, that is Anti-Design. Predicted to be one of the new graphic design trends in 2022, we’re going to see Anti- Design within brands this year.

It’s like the hipster of graphic design. If we quote, “Anti-Design says what it is, it is what it says”. A rebellion of rules in design, kind of stretches and warps design that is intentionally meant to anti the rules. 

It isn’t wrong to say that Anti- Design is the ugly beautiful version of graphic design.

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Sometimes trends happen in pairs with two opposed aesthetics that are the polar opposite of each other. This is the case with trippy type. It’s the opposite of the sharp lines and structured rigid compositions that you find in some other designs. 

This trend is signified by 60s and early 70s psychedelic typographies. Often, it’s hand-illustrated in shapes with that type and shapes itself becoming the primary of the design. You’ll find this trend in new font design in printed books, illustrations and also in the social media graphic design trends 2022.



Mark Zuckerberg has made dramatic pronouncements about Meta’s intention to make avatar inhabited virtual environments a priority for the company. Designers, gaming platforms and illustrators are starting to visually depict and predict what it’s going to look like. 

Considering all this, Metaverse would indeed be among the graphic design color trends 2022 

Probably things we haven’t even imagined yet, designers are going to be on their bleeding edge of finding ways to leverage this new virtual ecosystem to the advantage of both themselves and their clients.

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Another trend, Kinetic Typography is generally just animated typography. 

Because of the lockdown measures that we’ve seen and the fact that creative media has taken a turn, a lot of people aren’t in front of the camera anymore, kinetic typography works super well with that.

The reason for this design to become trendy is that it allows people to read along with creative expression. It increased the engagement apart from being super-creative.

So, if you’re a designer or illustrator who wishes to go for something different, try some kinetic typography, get those creative juices flowing and see what you can come up with!




The next design trend which we’re going to see as the 2022 graphic design trends is the major use of Serif Typefaces. Now, the serif typefaces are a bit old-school but this year we believe is the rise of them again. 

People are moving away from just the standard sans serif fonts that we always use. Serif typefaces are up there for us and we’re starting to see the use of them in some modern companies.

Serif Typefaces work, it is super nice to read, and it can give a flash to the vintage tones that we need for in the design. So, be ready to see some more creative versions of serif typefaces this year!




Now, last but not least is the Modular Geo design trend. 

The modular geo design trend is the evolution of the bright geo trend from 2021. The colour used is flat and unmodulated. Many times, a primary palette is used of bright reds, blues and yellows. The shapes used in this trend are circles and squares, triangles, parallelograms and trapezoids. 

The aesthetics of the modular geo trend have hints of the work of many fine artists around the globe. 

Designs define the beauty of the content we wish to deliver. By this short description of all the predicted trending graphic designs, we have aimed to provide you with a basic idea of what they are about. You can have a look at these designs by searching for more graphic design 2022 behance right away.

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