Cross platform app means that any device can download your application without limitations. This type of app is being used widely nowadays especially in mobile apps. So if you are planning to develop Cross Platform Applications then you have to create them using different platforms like Android/iOS. You may think what is the need to use multiple platforms while developing? In this article we will discuss about the following topics:

  1. What is Cross Platform Application Development?
  2. What are the Tools Needed for Developing Cross Platform Applications?
  3. Different Types of Cross Platform Apps
  4. Pros and Cons of Creating Cross Platform Applications
  5. Future Scope Of Cross Platform Apps
  6. What are some examples of cross-platform apps?

What is Cross Platform App?

The term “cross-platform” refers to apps that can run across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry 10 devices. Cross-platform apps are useful because they are able to provide users with access to their information regardless of what device they use. More specifically, they can save data and sync it between different devices.

Cross-platform apps are not only great for consumers, but businesses can also benefit from them too. They allow companies to build apps that work across multiple platforms without having to develop separate versions for each operating system. This can make it easier for developers to create software, especially if they don’t have enough time to do so. However, some challenges still exist when developing cross-platform apps. One challenge is ensuring that apps behave consistently across devices. Another challenge is making sure that apps look good and function well across multiple platforms. Luckily, these challenges are being addressed and solutions are becoming increasingly popular.

What is Cross Platform App development?

Cross-platform application development refers to the design and implementation of applications that can run across different operating systems and devices. Such platforms may include iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, webOS, Blackberry Playbook OS, Symbian OS, etc.

What are the Tools Needed for Developing Cross Platform Applications?

To develop apps for multiple platforms, developers need to use tools and languages appropriate for each platform. These include Objective C (iOS), Java (Android) and HTML5/CSS3(web).

Different Types of Cross Platform Apps

  1. Native iOS App Development

 Native apps are developed using Apple’s Xcode IDE and Objective-C programming language. They run directly on the iPhone/iPad device without requiring any additional software installation.

  1. Hybrid Cross Platform Applications

 Hybrid apps can be built using different tools like Phonegap, Sencha Touch, and Unity3D. These applications require installation of an app on the phone or tablet device and then they can be used to access native features of the device.

  1. Web Application Development

 Web apps provide a web interface that allows users to interact with your application. This type of Cross Platform App requires no download or installation on the user’s device.

 Pros and Cons of Creating Cross Platform Applications

  1. Pros

 – You get to work with many different programming languages.

 – You get to learn about many different programming techniques.

 – You can have your application run on any platform that supports them.

 – Your coding skills improve.

 – You may find yourself learning about other languages along the way.

  1. Cons

 – Not everyone knows how to write code, even if they are proficient in others.

 – Coding tools are hard to come by.

 – There are many platforms out there to choose from.

 – If you do not know what language or tool to use, it may take time to figure it out.

 – Some people may think you’re just wasting your time.

What are some examples of Cross Platform Apps?

If we take a look at the current landscape of mobile app development, we can see that a large percentage of them are cross platform. This means that they work across various platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc. For example, Facebook has its own native app that works well on each respective platform but it also has an App Store version that runs on iPhone and iPad. Other popular cross-platform apps include Google Maps (Android & iOS), Instagram (iOS & Android), Netflix (iOS & Android), and Spotify (iOS & Android).

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