What Is Digital Marketing And How It Works

Digital Marketing is the way how today’s businesses, as well as other companies, are promoting and advertising about their business, thereby getting the message out in front of their potential customers.

Yes, digital marketing may feel a little overwhelming at first, but we are here to help you master all the marketing tactics that are used in digital marketing.

What Is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the act of promoting and selling the products as well as services by applying online marketing tactics, for instance, social media marketing, search marketing, email marketing, etc. All these work together to create the foundation for your business sales by attracting potential customers, nurturing customer relationships, and making suitable offers to the customers. 

A Little More About Digital Marketing

The first and foremost rule of marketing is to make the right offer at the right time and in the right place. In today’s’ technology-enabled world, customers are online, either surfing for the latest news, gathering information, or chit-chatting with their friends and family on social media platforms.  

Digital marketing allows you to promote your business on the same channels so that your potential customers can see you, know more about you, and maybe even interact with you, to gather information about your products or services.

Now let us have a closer look at how the digital marketing works. 

How Does Digital Marketing Work

Digital marketing consists of tactics and techniques for connecting with customers online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization consists of optimizing your website so that it ranks higher in the search engine, and thus increase the amount of organic traffic received by your site. 

Various ways of going about search engine optimization are listed below, 


  • On-page SEO

This SEO emphasizes all of the content that already exists on the page or the website. It includes researching for keyword search volume as well as answer questions of readers to rank higher on the search engine results pages for those questions.

  • Off-page SEO

This SEO emphasizes all of the activity of the page that may affect the ranking of the website, for instance, backlinking, networking with other publishers, guest posting, etc. 

  • Technical SEO

This SEO emphasizes on the backend of your website, and how your pages are coded. It consists of all forms of technical things that may increase the loading speed of your website, for instance, structuring data, Image compression, as well as the CSS of the files. 

  • Website Marketing

Your company’s website is the cornerstone of your overall digital marketing strategy as this is where all your potential customers will come and get the first impression of your company. In addition to that, the website is where all the leads will get converted into paying customers. 

As mentioned above, the aim of digital marketing is to attract, engage, and thereafter convert your leads into your customers. 

Most of the marketing techniques that are used will ultimately lead your targeted customers back to your website. Hence it is of utmost importance that it is well designed and optimized for making conversions. 

This implies that the site is easy to navigate through so that consumers move forward through the sales funnel. Moreover, the website should also be optimized for various devices to improve user’s experience.

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  • Content Marketing

The content marketing comprises of creation and promotion of content for creating brand awareness, generating, generating leads, and retaining customers. Various ways by which content marketing can be done are as follows, 

  • Blog Posts 

Writing blog posts and publishing the same on the company blog, enables the company to demonstrate to the industry regarding your expertise as well as generating organic search traffic towards the company’s website. 

  • EBooks

EBooks are a long-form of content that helps in educating the visitors of the website. It allows the companies to provide the content in exchange for the customer’s contact information, thereby moving visitors to the site through their buyer’s journey.

  • InfoGraphics

Infographics are nothing but a form of visual content that enables website visitors to visualize a concept that you intend to help them learn.

The secret of creating great content is to help support the digital marketing strategy. But before doing so, the research about the target audience and creating customer personas will ensure that you are well aware of your customers well and what types of content will attract and engage them at each and every step of the buyer’s journey.

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  • Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing enables you to promote your brand and along with the content you created on social media platforms, thus enhance brand awareness, attract traffic, and generate leads for your business. Various social media platforms where social media marketing can be done are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is the technique of attracting traffic to your website by paying a publisher every time your ad is clicked. Various channels through which this technique can do digital marketing are Google ads, paid advertisements on Facebook, Ad campaigns on Twitter as well as sponsored messages on LinkedIn. 


  • Affiliate Marketing

It consists of a performance-based promoting someone’s products or services on your website for a commission. 

  • Native Advertising

Native advertising comprises of advertisements that are mainly content-led and featured on a platform along with the non-paid content. 

  • Marketing Automation

The term Marketing Automation refers to the software that automates basic operations of marketing. Various tasks that can be automated departments, rather than doing it manually, are as follows, 

  1. Sending Out Email Newsletters
  2. Social Media Post Scheduling 
  3. Lead-Nurturing 
  4. Tracking Of Campaign 

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  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective way of communicating with audiences. It is the medium, which is most often used to promote published content, upcoming events, or discounts offered. 

The types of emails that are mostly sent in an email marketing campaign include:

  1. Subscription newsletters
  2. Follow-up emails 
  3. Welcome emails 
  4. Promotions to members

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Digital Marketing – Integrated Approach 

The understanding of how digital marketing works is much more than just understanding how each digital marketing technique works when applied solely. 

You should be aware of how all the digital marketing tactics work together to support the overall goal of your marketing campaign. 

The integrated multi-channel marketing approach combines all of the tactics of digital marketing to create a seamless experience for the targeted audience.

In order to get started with creating an integrated digital marketing strategy, you should take into consideration how each of the digital channels works together towards the common goal. While doing so, you must ensure that your brand message is consistent across all the platforms. Whether you are developing a new website or creating new twitter posts, you should use the same brand voice and tone to help create a seamless experience for your targeted audience.

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