Cyberspace Security breach is real and impacts severely businesses. A successful cyber attack can cause you thousands of dollars and stall your business growth. More so, it can impact the bottom line, business standing, and consumer trust in you. The effects of a security breach in cyberspace range from financial impacts, and reputation damage to legal adversities.

The economic implication of Cyber Attack on your business

Businesses often suffer substantial financial loss when they come under cyber-attacks. Usually, these attacks arise from:

  • theft of business information and sensitive documents 
  • theft of financial data such as payment card or bank details 
  • theft of money 
  • disruption to trading such as the inability to conduct electronic transactions  
  • loss of contracts or business deals

Meanwhile, when a business suffers a cybersecurity breach, business owners mostly incur thousands of dollars in repairing affected systems, networks, devices, and overall revamping their business cyberspace.

The reputational damage of Cyber Attacks to your business

To build a strong customer relationship which is needed for a business to flourish, trust is essentially important. Cyber Attacks can destroy your business’ good name and damage the trust you have managed to build with your customers. When this happens, there is the possibility of:

  • loss of customer base 
  • loss of sales 
  • reduction in revenues

The impact of reputational damage to your business can even affect your suppliers, or impair the relationships between you and your business partners, potential investors, and other third parties vested in your corporation or business.

Legal impacts of a cyber breach

The Cyber Attack directed at your business, besides its financial and reputational consequences, can land you in some legal quagmire. The state data protection and privacy legal provision mandate you to manage the security and fidelity of all personal data you hold, be it that of your employees or clients.  

If this data is compromised, accidentally or deliberately, and it appears you have failed in deploying necessary security measures, you may be sued in a court of law and face fines and regulatory sanctions.

How can you minimize the impact of Cyber Attacks on your business?

No doubt, the advances in technology that characterizes the 21st century and how we conduct business, are trailed by cybersecurity attacks on many fronts. Businesses are not spared. However, the way out is to block and prevent your business data from being breached and your cyberspace from cybercrime players.

Security breaches in cyberspace can destroy even the most strong of businesses. Therefore, it is pertinent you deploy measures to manage the potential cyber risks accordingly.v When a cyber-attack happens, effective cybersecurity breach responses must be taken to mitigate the damage. Some of these measures to alleviate the consequences on your business include:

  • reducing the consequences of the attack 
  • reporting the event to the relevant authority 
  • cleaning up the affected systems 
  • getting your business running back within the shortest time possible

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