The mobile app market is enormous and is projected to only expand in the years to come. Nonetheless, studies show that in 2020 the overall value of the mobile app market will grow to $188.9 billion. If you to want to start a career in android app development, you need not go back to study for a degree in computer science in the college as it will consume a lot of your time and energy, and for this reason, we have come up with an article which will be helpful in your career as an Android app developer.

A career in android app development

In this modern era, the android operating system of Google has penetrated the nooks and corners of the world. According to and, the android operating system leads sales of a smartphone of 80% of overall sales and therefore employers are hiring professionals who are certified android app developers. 

Why you should start a career in android app development 

  • Open source code 

The Android operating system is open source. And therefore electronics manufacturers like Samsung, Asus & HTC have got access to the code which makes it possible for them to use it in their smartphones.

  • Google Play Store– The Biggest App Market

Ever since Google has launched its play store, the user’s experience of downloading and using the various apps has been enhanced tremendously. 

  • Job prospects

As Android app development provides good revenue, most of the organizations have a dedicated team for android application development. Therefore by learning mobile app development, you can either work full time or freelance. And the best part is that once a person masters the skills of android app development developing it becomes much easier to develop applications for other operating systems as well. 

  • Revenue model

The Google play store allows developers to price their apps in the Google store at prices, which gives good rewards.

  • Penetration of different devices

The interesting fact is that the Android operating system is present almost everywhere from smartphones to smart TVs, tablets, smartwatches and much more. So once you get started with a career in android app development there are lots of opportunities available in the market for you. 

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